How to Create a Rejuvenating At-Home Spa Experience

After a long day, everyone deserves to relax. One of the best methods to relieve all that tension in your body and stress in your mind is to have a dip in a soothing heated tub. Whether you want a long soak or just a quick one, there are a few simple ways to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy a spa-like experience.

Prep Your Hot Tub

Discuss how to prep your hot tub for a rejuvenating soak. For the best rejuvenating soak, you’ll need a little preparation. When turning your hot tub on, consider the temperature outside before setting the hot tub temperature. If it’s hot outside, for instance, it may end up being more relaxing to set your hot tub just a bit cooler than usual. Also, consider how long you want to set it for. According to Sonoma Backyard, even just a 15–30 minute soak is long enough to begin feeling the rejuvenating effects of time in a hot tub. Don’t overdo it and risk getting overheated instead.

Supplement With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to add the spa experience to your hot tub usage. Unfortunately, essential oils can’t be used in hot tubs, but according to Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment, there are specific scent blend products made that are designed for hot tub filters to handle. Lemon and peppermint are two of the most popular for their calming, soothing smells, but a few others to consider are geranium and clary sage, both wonderful de-stressors. Otherwise, use an essential oil filter that can fill the air with your chosen therapeutic aromas instead.

Create an Atmosphere

You’ve already got a good start with relaxing aromas, the perfect temperature, and the bubbling fizz noises of the water around you. Why stop there? According to Homedit, most spas have ambient lighting, soothing music, and beautiful surroundings, in general always seeking to appeal to all five senses. Look at your at-home hot tub and consider what things you can add to create this ambiance, whether it be candles, curtains, new lighting, or just a relaxing playlist of music. You might even want to try out some meditation techniques to fully immerse and rejuvenate yourself.


You need to unwind somehow, but just scrolling on a phone doesn’t do it. Everyone needs a little rejuvenation, so putting in that extra bit of effort is so worth the reward. Take advantage of your hot tub and make your soak a spa-like experience that all others will envy.


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