3 Amazing Ways to Reset Your Chakras Each Morning

Aligned chakras fosters peace, happiness, and overall balance as it connects your mind, body and spirit. You can reset your misaligned chakras through meditation, yoga, and conscious gratitude. Doing so will center your energy and thoughts, helping your chakras are aligned each morning will set you up for a positive and productive day.


Meditation can happen in a variety of ways. One is visualization, in which one generates an image piece by piece in their mind in order to focus energy and centralize thought. Another is “mindfulness”, a strategy for slowing down thought by taking inventory of the body and grounding oneself through awareness of their surroundings. Positive affirmations are another popular addition to meditation, reinforcing healthy mental thoughts. Consider using guided meditations that walk you through meditative states. Find a means of meditation that works for you personally! Whatever it may be, make sure you create a space where you can do so in total peace, disconnected from the stresses of your everyday life.


You can cultivate mental, physical, and emotional balance through yoga. Your chakras are directly aligned with your physical body. Therefore moving, stretching, and positioning your body in different ways likewise moves, stretches, and positions your chakras, guiding them into their central positions. Learn yoga routines and positions that are specifically designed to align certain chakras—mountain pose for your root, low lunge for your heart, balancing butterfly for your crown, etc. Because yoga is a beneficial physical exercise that improves circulation and balance, that reflects in the alignment of your core energy.


One method of alignment you may not have readily thought of is cognitive gratitude. Gratitude for the elements of your life that exist outside of your being, encourages strength inside of your being. Each chakra focuses on a different aspect of positive existence: determination and endurance, creativity, confidence, love, communication, intuition, and purpose. Taking time to recognize what you are thankful equates to recognition of your motivations for good living, the things that bring you energy, the things you are passionate about, the people you interact with, and more. This connects your spirit and mind to the realities of your world, promoting that balance you need to take on the stressors of life.

Devote part of your morning routine to aligning these energies within you. It is important for a full and constructive life to find your center and let it be a source of strength! Use meditation, yoga, and gratitude to get you into that state of being that will help you find and maintain that strength.

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