3 Natural Solutions for Better Sleep in Cold Weather

Cold weather means bundling up and getting a good night’s rest. However, the change in weather is not always welcome if it adversely affects your sleep cycle. Here are some natural ways to get better sleep in cold weather.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Wearing socks to bed is an easy solution if you want to sleep well when it’s cold. That’s because your feet staying warm is one way to ensure the rest of your body does the same. The blood vessels in your feet will dilate and help circulate blood to the rest of your body. Wearing socks to bed can even help you fall asleep faster. If socks aren’t something you consider as bedtime attire, then at least put a hot water bottle at the bottom of your bed to warm your feet. You can also use weighted blankets to provide warmth. Depending on how you normally sleep, different fabrics provide different levels of warmth, and they are unlikely to move in the middle of the night, like a hot water bottle.

Switch Out Your Sheets

A comfortable sleep solution that is also simple is to change your sheets when the weather is cold. Your summer sheets aren’t made for your winter bed. Using sheets with a higher thread count will help you to not be so cold at night. Fleece, velvet and flannel are all great choices when you want to stay warm and sleep well. Even cotton can work if it is made well and can keep you warm. Ideally, you will have light sheets for summer and heavier sheets for winter. No matter how many blankets you throw on top of summer sheets, they will never work as well as sheets that are built for the cold.

Use a Humidifier

Winter means the heater is constantly running, and, as a result, the air is dryer. This can interrupt your sleep or leave you waking in the morning feeling like you didn’t rest well. A humidifier by your bed can help solve this problem. A humidifier will keep moisture in the air. This will make your sleep experience more comfortable. You can choose between warm or cool mist humidifiers. A cool-mist humidifier is a good choice if you have children because they won’t be harmed by hot water if they pull it down. You can also use a humidifier to diffuse oils that will increase the quality of your sleep. Just make sure humidifier works for that before you try it. You might also notice a decrease in allergy symptoms if you run your humidifier regularly. Clean your humidifier often and keep it running through the winter months.

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for your mental and physical well being. Try these few simple tricks if you want great sleep in cold weather.

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