Yes — Reiki Healing is Good for Car Accident Trauma, Too

The trauma associated with a car accident can prove devastating. You may feel as though it is a struggle to drive or get in a car at all because you are haunted by memories of what happened. While consulting with your doctor is an absolute must, consider the reasons to also look into Reiki healing.

Physical Improvement

When you are involved in a car accident, it is possible that you will experience some physical consequences. In fact, head injuries are some of the most common and severe injuries in an auto collision. While you should be going to your doctor to working on healing your physical conditions, Reiki can complement those treatments. You may begin to notice that your body feels better after engaging in these practices.

Energy Betterment

After the car accident, you may notice a disruption in the energy around you. This probably is much more than just a surface-level one. A disruption in your energy could lead to serious changes in the way that you feel or how well you are able to perform at work or school. Attending Reiki sessions on a regular basis can help you to restore your balance and to feel like yourself again.

Improved Emotional Symptoms

The trauma of a car accident is certainly not all physical. You may have fears every time you go in or get near a car. When you go to Reiki, however, you can start to release some of those anxieties. Anxiety about a car accident can be stifling, which is why it is important to seek assistance to help you recover from the emotional trauma.


Once there is some distance between you and the car accident, you may feel as though other people don’t recognize your need to still work on healing. In other words, they may treat you as though you are complaining too much, or they may act as though you should just get over the accident already. These sentiments can make your recovery process even more difficult. Going to Reiki can help to remind you that people exist who do care about helping you to truly heal and who are there to provide you with support.

A car accident is a frightening experience that can seriously affect your life in a negative way. You can take many steps to help yourself to heal and to recover from this jarring experience. Consider Reiki as one of the ways to accomplish this goal.

If you or someone you love has been suffering from anything and is in need of healing, please refer them to us and what we can do to help them. We will do everything we can to help them along their personal healing process


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