5 Reasons You Could Be A Natural Spiritual Healer

Different people have different gifts. Some people know what their gifts are right away. However, there are some that may go their whole life without knowing what gifts they have. Among the gifts that some people may have are healing gifts. However, not everyone knows that they are healers. You might be a healer if any of the following traits sound like you, for there are plenty of signs to look for that will help you determine whether or not spiritual healing is your gift.

You’re Empathetic

There is a considerable chance you may be a spiritual healer if you are sensitive to the emotions of others. Sometimes, you can feel the emotional and sometimes physical pain of others even if they do not let on that they are struggling with something. You can also read people and know what they mean by what they say.

You Are Rarely Sick

Another sign of being a healer is that you do not get sick as often. While other people may get colds all around you, you usually avoid catching colds somehow.

People Are Drawn To You

If you find that people come to you for many different reasons, you might have the gift of healing. People often come to you to vent or gain emotional comfort. People tend to feel safe around you in a way. However, healers tend to feel different from others which can cause them to feel alone even when surrounded by people. This can become especially evident when people abuse your empathic tendencies and constantly use you as the dumping ground for all of their personal emotional baggage.

You Are Good With Animals

Animals are drawn to you. So are children. Among the animals that are attracted to you are dogs, cats and plenty of others. They are in tune with your healing gifts. You are also very relaxed around animals.

You Prefer to Get Exercise Outdoors

Exercise for you is what you do outdoors. You probably come up with ways to exercise physically, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually. You’re creative and look for ways to keep your mind and body engaged. As a potential side-effect, however, healers often find themselves exhausted by the end of the day.

There are also plenty of other signs that you are a healer and plenty of techniques you could learn if you’re interested in pursuing the path of natural and spiritual healing. Either way, if any of the above qualities sound like you, keep up to good work because you’re likely on the path toward a great and healthy lifestyle.

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