Tight Muscles? How to Relax All of Yourself

Tight, sore muscles can have a variety of causes, from extreme physical activity to poor posture to stress or a bad night’s sleep. When there is decreased blood flow to a muscle, it tightens and cramps, with the possibility of developing uncomfortable knots. Though sore muscles can usually relieve themselves, there are a few easy hacks for speeding up the recovery process and getting back to feeling your best.


While some yoga routines are extremely strenuous, you can always opt for a gentle, restorative practice. These will be less vigorous and focus more on aligning the spin and gently stretching the muscles. Most restorative practices will take place mostly on the ground, so grab a mat and stretch yourself out.

Heat Pads

According to Moji, heat wraps will help you relieve muscle pain and stiffness with soothing, therapeutic, moist heat. Moist heat will relax you and improve your mobility. Moist heat is the most effective way to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness, increase blood flow, relieve muscle soreness, and relax your muscles. Applying heat to tight muscles stimulates blood flow to the area, which will loosen them out. A benefit of using heat pads is that the effects are nearly immediate, having you feeling better in minutes.

Ice Bath

Though it may sound daunting, ice baths are proven to work. Think about the super athletes that train and compete on a daily basis. To ensure optimal performance, many of them soak in an ice bath after strenuous activity. Cold decreases inflammation, permitting the tight muscles to relax and lengthen.


Massages aren’t just an excuse for a trip to the spa. They are proven to be functional in treating even the deepest muscle pains. If paying for a professional isn’t in your game plan, you can always treat yourself. Focus on using the fingers and thumbs to press out and lengthen the muscles, or use circular motions to roll out any kinks.


Never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. Like all other organs and functionalities in the body, the muscles need water to work properly. Staying hydrated is an easy way to reduce the risks of cramping and inflammation, which are the main causes of muscle pain and tightness. Though not an immediate fix, this is a lifestyle hack that should certainly be prioritized for overall health and well-being.


You read that right. While thinking about physical exertion is probably the last thing you want to do when your body is filled with aches and pains, performing light exercises increases blood flow and reduces that pesky inflammation. Opt for something that doesn’t take much resistance from the sore muscles, like a brisk walk or a bike ride on a flat route. By moving and getting the blood pumping, the muscles will actually soothe and relax.

While these tips will help you to deal with muscle soreness, they may not be the proper treatment for the cause of your muscle soreness in the first place. For that, you may need to meet with a qualified physician, energy healer, or intuitive coach to help you deal with the underlying problems that are causing your muscle soreness.

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