How to Achieve the Best Results During Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing means different things to different people. Whatever tradition you follow, and even if you walk your own path, spiritual healing is about bringing our thoughts, intentions, and actions back into congruence with the life that we want to manifest and letting go of the baggage that no longer serves us.

Create an environment to facilitate your healing

Creating an environment free from the distractions that inhibit you from turning inward is important. Essential oils can be powerful aids in creating that environment. They have restorative and calming properties that can be used during spiritual healing. Lemon, peppermint, and sage are excellent aromas to bring you into the right frame of mind. You don’t have to be a spiritual person to benefit from the rejuvenating properties essential oils will have on your mind, although you should try to stay open to the experience.

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Be honest and kind with yourself

Part of the process of spiritual healing is to take an honest, objective look at your life without deception or judgment. Have you developed habitual ways of thinking that interfere with creating the life that you wish to manifest? Have you been making excuses about counter-productive decisions or blaming the people around you for contributing to the things that you yourself control? Have you been harmed in ways in which you had no control? By acknowledging these truths with forgiveness, we create the opportunity to let go of them and to correct the self-destructive, self-effacing patterns that hold us to a phase in our life that we are ready to leave behind.

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Take advantage of the power of meditation and prayer

There are many forms of meditation and many forms of prayer. No matter what style of meditation or prayer feels comfortable to you, and even if you prefer not to use this kind of language to describe your process of introspection, these are powerful practices that we can all benefit from. Meditation and prayer are excellent tools for reprogramming unhelpful thought patterns and squashing the negative manifestations of the ego. Not quick fixes, these practices can be a foundation of a lifelong journey toward spiritual healing and peace.

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Beset by countless challenges on the road toward spiritual wellness, we can use every advantage that we can get. By creating a conducive environment, taking an honest assessment of ourselves with forgiveness and turning inward with meditation and prayer, we’ll have powerful weapons to aid us as we face those challenges.

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