Tell-Tale Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship


There are a lot of different types of relationships that you can come across in life and one of the key ones has to be karmic relationship. When you are in a karmic relationship, you will fill an intense and a strange pull and attraction pull you.


Signs Of A Karmic Relationship


There are a lot of different signs that indicate that you are in a karmic relationship. Some of the top points that you need to keep an eye on are as follows.


Intense Attraction: if you feel that you are madly attracted to someone and you can’t stop obsessing over someone, it is one of the defining signs that you are in a karmic relationship. Some people find an attraction that reaches crazy levels as you will not be able to stop thinking about the person.


Constant Arguments: one of the top signs of karmic relationship has to be constant agreements. Often it has been seen that there is so much energy that is found in people that there is bound to be a clash. When you will have a lot of energy in your mind and body, it is going to lead to arguments and clashes. Some people get over the arguments easily while others may get into hard fights that last long. If you are in a relationship where you tend to quarrel a great deal, it is another sign that the relationship is not based on love, rather it is karmic.


High Nervousness: generally, it is seen that people who are engaged in such form of relationship tend to be nervous because they are always expecting to make the best impression. One can find anxiety, temper and even depression at times.


Infidelity: the basis of karmic relationship is not love but attraction. It has often been seen that most people who are chained to karmic relationship tend to cheat on their partners. Infidelity is not uncommon among those who are engaged in a karmic relationship. It is not the type of relationship that tends to last long and is more like bun for a short time.


Mentally Draining: when people are in love, it is sure to make them happy and given them a wonderful feeling. However, unlike love, when people are in a karmic relationship, they find that the body has drained and after spending some time, they will feel a drop in the energy meter.


These are some of the main symptoms that a karmic relationship exudes. It is wrong to say that a karmic relationship has all negative aspects. It is up to you to channelize the kind of emotions that you are going through.


If you feel that even after the momentarily strong waves of intense attraction, you still think about the person that you think you are in love with, there is hope that you may be channelizing your karmic relationship into a fruitful one and it may bring in love and happiness for you in future. However, the journey is going to be tough because karmic relationship tend to last for a short period of time.