Are You In It For The Money Or For Passion?


Do you often suffer from Monday blues? Does the thought of going to your office drain out all energy from your body? If you have answered yes to any of the above question, it infers that your job is not something that you are passionate about.


Mondays are dreary only for those who detest their job. If you are passionate about the work you do, you will find that even on Mondays, your body will resonate with energy and you will love to head out to work.


What Happens When I Am Passionate?


If you are passionate for your work, you will find a different kind of energy build inside you. The energy should be such that it will give you the drive to move ahead with the work you have at hand.


When you are doing a job because you love to do it, you will be dedicated to the work and it is going to keep you inspired. However, those who fail to see the benefits of their work profile are likely to be the ones who are stuck in the job merely for money. So, if you do not want to cut a sorry tale and you do not feel any zing when you are working, you should make it a point to look for an alternate job which is as per your liking.


When money and not passion is the driving factor, you are not going to survive in the field for long. The exertion of the job will drive you crazy and you are much more likely to burn out earlier than your job permits.


Although, we all need money to fulfill the basic necessities of our life, yet it is important to indulge in such jobs that permit you to enjoy the good times. No one can prosper in the job for long until and unless they love to be a part of the job. So, you should be willing to check out the different details of your job and only choose the ones that you will love to the fullest. The ones who are passionate about their job and love to indulge in it will never face the problems of Monday blues. You will be inspired to head out for work and the contagious energy that you will exude will be the perfect recipe for your progress.


So, if you are not working a job that is in tune with your passion, work on it for dealing with the expenses. At the same time, you should be in the lookout to find the right jobs that will be in tandem with the passion that you share. Once you return a successful application, you should then switch your jobs. Doing a job merely for money is one of the perfect recipes for being disappointed.


If you want to improve your work profile and make inroads to success, the passion for the work must be inherent in you. Passion fuels fire and it will help you chart new success stories that can make a difference. So, enjoy your job and cherish the pleasure of being a part of it.