What Are Soul Contracts And Do I Have One? You Betcha!


Soul contracts are lesson plans or agreements that are made before you are born. If you believe in our spiritual essence of life, you will find that we all have a tie that goes beyond the birth and end of life.


We all sign up contracts before we are born and the contracts will define all the goals and tasks that you must achieve. When you have managed to achieve all the different target goals that are stated in your soul contract, your work in life is done and you will be asked to leave from earth.


Death Is A Blessing Not A Curse


A lot of people believe that death is one of the biggest curses as it snatches away life from a person. However, you need to know that death is not a curse. It indicates that the person has fulfilled his/her assigned goals and targets in life and thus the work of the person is fulfilled.


Once the work is done, the soul returns to its master and the cycle repeats again. Hence, death should not be seen as the end of life, rather it is a manifestation of completion of a journey only to being again.


Every One Has A Soul Contract


Every single individual who walks on earth is tied with contracts prior to the birth. If you go by the rules of spiritual aspects of living, you will find that all the activities that we indulge in are because of our agreement done with God. We need to fulfill the different points and the promises that we have made.


The journey of our life is simply a path that we take in order to fulfill these goals and aims that we have promised to the Lord before we came down on earth. Each one of us duly signs the contract prior to our birth and it is our soul that becomes our guide and helps us in accomplishing the tasks that we need to fulfill.


So, you should hear the vibrations and the voice of your soul and when you follow all these points and let your soul guide your action and deeds, you will be able to enjoy the different pleasures that life gives you.


You must respect your soul contract because it is one of those contracts that define the true goal of your life. You should not let the materialistic pleasures of life disillusion you because the journey of life is all about fulfilling the larger picture. When you have managed to satiate the big goals and clinch the real objectives that form the essence of life, you will feel the pleasure of enjoying the essence of life.


It is the spiritual aspects of our life that truly guide us in choosing the best ways in which you can make the right call. Life is all about the choices that we make and when you have managed to pick the right plans, your soul will shine and sparkle yet again.