Karma Debt Vs. Karma Deposits What You Need To Know


As per the Eastern philosophy, karma is the sum total of your actions in your current and previous life and you are always paid for the same. It is believed that all our actions will lead to payback and if we are indulging in good deeds, it will reap good dividends, while indulgence in bad deeds will give you a tough time.


What Do You Mean By Karma Deposits?


You can take an analogy of having an account where our deeds are recorded. If you are indulging in good deeds that are morally right and conducive, you will be making karma deposits. For every good deed that you do, you manage to make a deposit in your karma account. No doubt, these deposits will reap dividends sometimes in future.


What Is Karma Debt?


Just like you have the concept of karma deposits, the same logic applies when it comes to karma debt. Karma debt is the opposite of karma deposits as it infers that you are committing wrong deeds and making mistakes. Every time you indulge in such a deed that is uncalled and hurts someone, you will be making a withdrawal from your karma account. If you keep withdrawing your deposits and your account balance turns negative, it is called as karma debt and you will have to pay for your deeds too.


If you want to live a happy life that is blessed with happiness and you feel contented with your life, the right thing to do is to ensure that your karma deposits always exceed your karma debt points.


Karma Always Keeps An Eye On Your Actions


It is worthy to mention that the concept of karma is applicable on all religions. Karma is one of those philosophies that simply believe that we are accountable for the deeds that we are doing. Nothing is unbalanced and so the things you do, whether good or bad will always come back to you. You cannot escape from anything and this is the reason, you need to be sure that you are engaging in the right set of positive activities.


Karma keeps track of every single activity and this is the reason, you should stay focused and try to find the best possible ways in which you can keep your karma balance positive. It is the deeds that you do which will define the roads that your life will take. So, if you wish to live a blessed life, make sure to engage in a lot of positive and helpful work that is sure to help you in ways more than one.