How Do I Find the Best Essential Oils?

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Essential oils are potent tools in your holistic arsenal and can be useful in almost any area of your life, and there is a wide selection of oils available from numerous vendors, both on and offline. It can all be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to essential oils. How do you go about selecting the best essential oils from all the options available?

Pick Your Essential Oil

The first thing to do is to decide which oil you want to buy. What are you using the oil for? Which scents do you like? What is your budget? Essential oils vary widely in price, from the most expensive “precious” oils such as neroli, jasmine and rose to the more inexpensive common oils such as eucalyptus and sweet orange. You can often use several different oils for the same purpose, and you should be able to find an oil you like that fits your needs and budget.

Determining Quality

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First, read the label and look at the ingredients. Watch out for “fragrance oil,” “nature identical oil” or “perfume oil” anywhere on the label. This is not a pure essential oil and can be either a combination of essential oils and chemicals or just everyday chemicals. A quality vendor will also include the botanical name, country of origin and method of extraction. If that information is not on the label, you should be able to find it easily on their website or by contacting the vendor. Next, take a look at the packaging. Essential oils are volatile and will lose both their therapeutic properties and aroma over time. Only buy oils sold in colored glass bottles and avoid any plastic or clear glass. Finally, be wary of vendors that price all of their essential oils the same. There is a wide range of essential oils and the more difficult to extract, the more expensive the oil will be.

Finding Vendors

You can find vendors of quality essential oils both online and locally. As mentioned earlier, labeling and packaging are important and will help eliminate poor vendors off the bat. A quality vendor will always be happy to provide you with information about the oil as well as the date of extraction and how long the product has been on their shelves.

Researching which essential oils are for you could be tiresome. To help with that process, you just need to follow these tips, look at the ingredients, ask questions and enjoy your essential oils.

Essential oils have been known to provide their users with wonderful health benefits. We believe that with the help of essential oils, we can begin to achieve a holistic wellness that can elevate our happiness and our spirits. For more ideas on how to achieve this wellness, check out some of our other articles, like this one!

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