Alise Healing Shop Now Open!

On February 25, 2020, we launched our Alise Healing Shop. We are now open to serve your spiritual and metaphysical needs at

Our intention behind our services and products is to cultivate divine love, light, spiritual awareness, divine knowledge, and healing. Alise Healing Shop was created to help you enhance your spiritual practice according to how the Spirit, the Great Divine, or God, has called you to walk your individual life path with the divine knowledge that you are more than enough and you are loved, valued, and competent. You owe it to yourself to know your divine birthright and to reclaim your personal power in this lifetime. Our metaphysical tools support an array of practices, traditions, and faiths, for both the experienced and the novice practitioner. Let your intuition guide you as you shop with us. Thank you for choosing us to meet your spiritual and metaphysical needs.


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