How Can Spiritual Healing Help Me Through My Addiction?

The factors that cause an individual to turn to drugs or alcohol can vary from person to person. It may also be a combination of emotions that may trigger their feelings of dependency. Inner feelings of depression, low self-worth, low self-esteem, loneliness, and other emotions can take over and become overwhelming. For many people, they can help themselves gain a sense of strength and control over their emotions with the practice of spiritual healing.

Breaking Dependence

One treatment center explains that after long-term use of addictive substances, the body has experienced a physiological change that makes it almost completely dependent on the use of that substance. This physical dependence causes severe symptoms of withdrawal when users attempt to stop using addictive substances on their own. Those suffering from addictions have become used to responding in a certain way when they feel stressed, and that is to seek relief in the way they have become accustomed to coping.

Learning to better control the negative feelings that can affect the body and the brain will help to bring them to a different outcome. The body becomes increasingly dependent on drug and alcohol use because the brain is triggering it to do so. In order to heal the body of its addictions, one must also heal the brain.

Spirituality and Recovery

Spirituality brings about a deeper sense of self, and along with that a powerful feeling that they are a part of a bigger whole. Seeing oneself as to where we fit in within the bigger picture can bring about a sense of calm and spiritual well-being.

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, the practice of a spiritual healing brings about the spiritual growth that has holistic effects in many of the areas of life. The practice of spiritual healing needs to become a regular part of one’s life when he or she is in recovery

Allowing oneself to meditate, pray, and chant helps to open the channels of inner healing and growth. Therefore, although typically the body becomes increasingly dependent on drug and alcohol use, with regular practice a renewed level of spirituality can help offset it.

Just as it is true that no two people are alike, it is also true that no two recoveries will be alike. A substance abuse to drugs or alcohol is emotional and personal. It may well take varying lengths of time to achieve recovery by spiritual healing. The support of family and friends is important at this time. It may also have a positive impact on the rate and success of recovery.

When a person begins to experience spiritual healing, there is an inner calm that becomes a part of their life. The goal is to move past the addiction using the holistic approach to healing. When life becomes overwhelming and you find you can’t turn away from addiction, you need someone to reach out to. Contact Minister Alise for coaching and healing.

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