6 Cornerstones of Holistic Wellness

The goal of whole healing integrates six fundamental areas of life for complete vitality. The exact definition of wellness for each person depends on how they define their own journey through these essential needs. Not only should they be taking care of their body, but also their personality, mind, social circle, spiritual connection and the world around them.

Caring for Your Personal Wellbeing

Without a balanced plan for the body, many other healthy habits can be challenging to achieve. Regulated sleep, proper nutrition, adequate hydration, and appropriate medical care as necessary are all part of the foundation necessary to build strength, flexibility, and endurance. Exercises and diet personally modified to meet those goals stabilize the energy needed to achieve optimal physical health. 

Be Unapologetically Yourself

You need to consider your self-actualization. Are you being yourself as much as you can? Holistic health requires more than just good physical stamina; you need the energy and self-possession necessary to achieve your goals. This means doing what you want, pursuing the goals you desire, wearing the clothes that make you happy, and much more. Always strive to be at your best.

Living in The Moment

Mindfulness plays a crucial role in achieving personal health and wellness and taking actionable steps to improve, increase and inspire habits for better living. Coping skills that work towards compartmentalizing feelings of tension and anxiousness and focus on being present for each moment as it occurs help to reduce the frequency or intensity of mental distress.

Engaging With The Community

Strong social connections with people who have shared interests and needs create a natural system of support. Not only does this provide an outlet for enjoyment, but it also reinforces a sense of belonging that all people desire even if some seek it out in small doses rather than as a constant. Through this give and take, lifelong connections can be created to sustain a sense of wellbeing and a dynamic, vibrant existence.

Seeking an Elevated Connection

Spirituality may focus on the concept of a higher power, but it can also mean seeking out an internal connection with one’s own self that transcends the physical perceptions. These practices can be simple, personal and practical. For example, meditation with essential oils can provide an other-worldly experience through their aromatic influence.

Attuned to The Surroundings

The environment that a person lives in has a significant impact on their wellbeing. This could be related to the natural world around them or the home in which they live. Controlling exposure to pollutants, toxins and unsafe living conditions are all part of building a health-focused living situation that contributes to the viability of a holistic lifestyle.

Developing lifestyle practices that comprehensively include all of these factors may be challenging at first. However, as each step builds towards the next, the path for holistic health and wellness becomes that much easier to navigate.


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