The Role Work Relationships Play in Mental Wellness

Study after study has directly connected a person’s mental state with that of the conditions of their workplace environment. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these studies often conclude that people who have strong positive relationships with their co-workers and the company itself have a better overall mental state. Although this may sound like common sense to most, it is not the outcome that is confusing but how we get to that outcome. The following list entails some of the ways that work relationship roles play in the overall mental wellness of an employee.

Your Work and You

As stated above, personal work relationships are crucial to maintaining a positive mental state, but an overall healthy relationship with your job is just as important. Feeling a part of a company rather than simply working for them can really increase the amount of happiness that a person feels within their position. If they feel like the company has their back, then the goals of the company become your goals as well. However, the opposite is also true. If one feels alienated and used, then their mental wellness will soon suffer.

Healthy Relationships

Those who have stated that their mental state is often low are the ones that suffer from bad relationships at work. These come from ineffective supervisors, project managers, and even equals. A work bully can even cause severe mental issues that can impact your life. As we know a bad day at work can really ruin the rest of our day, and when that is topped with mental abuse from a bully, it can get really serious after a while. You should always have open conversations with both your co-workers and supervisors about these issues before they get too big.

Do Your Part

Hating your job and having a bad mental state can be a horrible situation for most. However, we should understand that it is up to us to point out these issues with managers or supervisors. Most managers may even agree with you and work with the entire team to better the situation for everyone involved. If a lack of work relationships is the issue, then we highly suggest being proactive about it. Volunteering for the company charity drive, hosting a dinner party, or inviting some friends for lunch are a few things to consider when reaching out to your co-workers.

A person’s mental wellness within their workplace isn’t just something that affects productivity but their entire life. We highly advise adhering to the topics listed above in order to help improve your life and those of others around you.


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