What Can Spiritual Healing Help Me With?

Have you ever felt “stuck,” either physically, mentally, or emotionally? It’s an intangible sensation that you can’t quite put into words, but you know that somehow something is blocking your forward progress. Maybe you can’t seem to get ahead at work, or you’re constantly feeling depressed. You may be physically ill without any identifiable cause.

Your inability to feel good and move forward may be caused by blocked energy, and the source can be physical, spiritual, or psychological. It can be resolved through a process called spiritual healing. Before you dismiss the premise as hogwash, you need to keep an open mind and learn a little about how blocked energy and spiritual release work.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Healing begins with the knowledge that our thoughts, actions, and emotions are all interconnected and affect each other. All life and everything in the universe is infused with energy. You can see in nature, and science has proven, that energy fields can interact and influence each other. It’s evident in the powerful charge from a bolt of lightning, in the healing power of the sun, and even in the unconditional bond of love between a mother and child. When we carry with us negative emotions and pain, those feelings can permeate every area of our lives.

Spiritual healing is a means of harnessing beneficial, cleansing energy from the Divine and redirecting to an individual or group through prayer, laying of hands, visualization, and other techniques. One who is spiritually attuned can heal themselves and others with the assistance of spirit guides, intuitive thought, and positive healing energy. Some people are natural healers, but it is a gift that can be developed.

What Areas of Your Life Can Be Healed Through Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual healing can be used to bring positivity to any and all parts of your life. You’ll find that transforming your energy from negative to positive brings your mind, body, and spirit into balance. When we hold on to anger, sadness, grief, or shame, it manifests as emotional problems like depression and anxiety. Left unattended, it will begin to cause our physical bodies to deteriorate. While it is not the sole cause, this is where chronic pain, cancer, heart disease, and other medical disorders take root. Living with an acute or long-term condition then feeds our emotional distress.

It’s a vicious circle that can be treated with healing energy and positive thought. Spiritual healing helps with:

  • Overcoming grief
  • Healing rifts between family members
  • Conquering fear or anxiety
  • Relieving stress
  • Combating loneliness
  • Alleviating depression
  • Reinvigorating deteriorating relationships
  • Giving us the strength to walk away from people or circumstances that are bad for us
  • Providing the power to transform events or circumstances in our lives positively
  • Helping us cope with chronic pain or illness
  • Improving our performance at work

Are There Different Kinds of Energy Healing?

The ultimate goal of spiritual healing is to align the mind, body, and soul into a feeling of peace and wholeness. To bring balance to the whole being, a variety of techniques can be used.

Contact healing: This involves an actual laying of the hands on another person, either by a psychic healer of a prayer group. The healer visualizes areas of the body that are affected or blocked, and gently places their hands on those areas, on the shoulders, or on the head. Through concentration and prayer, the energy of a healing spirit is directed into and absorbed by the receiving body.

Near to body healing: Near body healing is similar to contact healing, but the healer doesn’t make physical contact. Sometimes an energy is felt and redirected through the body between the hands of the healer and the recipient. The best-known type of near to body healing is Reiki.

Magnetic healing: With magnetic healing, positive energy is transferred from one body to another. This can be done with intention or accidentally. We’ve all been around a person who drains us of our energy or experienced times when one person who is joyful and enthusiastic can lift the energy of an entire room full of people. This is why we, and especially healers or empaths, must guard our own energies to keep them from becoming depleted by negative people.

Meditation and visualization: Mostly a form of self-healing, visualization, and meditation are also incorporated into other types of spiritual healing practices. It’s very common in the realms of alternative or holistic medicine. The person meditates and visualizes the afflicted area, using a range of techniques. Cancer patients have been able to facilitate healing by imagining a tumor, visualization that tumor shrinking into nothingness or transforming into healthy cells. Mindfulness can also play a part in this type of healing. To be mindful of something is to acknowledge its existence and impact on you, and then consciously dismissing it. This practice requires stillness and balance, but once it is mastered, it can be used at will to combat emotional and physical disturbances.

Distance healing: This practice is mainly used by adept, highly attuned healers and groups. Many seek to heal the sick of the world through collective prayer. Another way this practice is deployed is to energize groups of people in different locations to send up a common positive thought or prayer at the same time. This can be done locally, regionally, or on a global scale.

How Can The Recipient of Spiritual Healing Help the Process Along?

The recipient of spiritual healing needn’t be an active participant for it to work, This is witnessed by the success of distance healing. However, it does help if you enter into the experience with a relaxed attitude and positive intentions. You need to keep an open mind, realizing that healing may not be dramatic. Although most people feel the effects immediately as a sense of calm and overwhelming love, it’s possible that you may not feel or see results right away. In severe cases, psychological or medical assistance may be needed. For example, addicts may need professional drug rehab, or those with suicidal depression should seek a psychiatrist. When applied properly and consistently, these combined healing techniques can work miracles.

Spiritual healing isn’t as mysterious as it seems once you know how it works. You need to keep an open mind, and that will invigorate the channels of positive energy needed to facilitate progress.


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