Events That Can Trigger Mental Health Issues

Experiencing mental health difficulties is a normal part of life as you experience challenges and opposition. However, there are certain circumstances that can make your mental health issues more difficult to deal with. 

Here are a few events that can trigger mental health issues that you should be aware of and prepare for.

Loss of a Loved One

One event that can trigger a lot of mental health issues is the loss of a loved one. When a loved one passes on, the mourning and coping period can be difficult to deal with. Even if you’ve anticipated and expected the passing of your loved one, it can still be difficult to learn how your life will function without them. 

With good reason, mental health issues are even further aggravated when the loss of a loved one is unexpected. During this difficult time of mourning and change, it can be helpful to talk with a therapist to process the loss of your loved one and reflect on your life together. 

Moving Homes

Moving homes is another example of an event that can trigger mental health issues. Selling your home can be an anxiety-inducing process. As an adult, it can be stressful to pack up, prepare your home to be sold, and search for the perfect buyer for your home. 

As a teen or a child, it can be stressful to anticipate moving neighborhoods and schools, as your social circles dictate so much of your life at a young age. Moving is never easy, even if you’re excited about your new home and opportunities. Make sure you’re taking the time you need to reflect on and process the changes you’re experiencing. 

An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Another ongoing event that can trigger mental health issues is experiencing an unhealthy lifestyle. Living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to chronic, long-term health conditions such as diabetes. Experiencing chronic pain and health issues can trigger mental health problems since individuals suffering from these issues may feel that they can’t control their health or their lives. Similarly, making unhealthy choices, such as eating many unhealthy foods, during certain events or periods can induce a negative mental health episode. If you’ve noticed that you or a loved one are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits and mental health episodes, start to make changes to help. Making healthy choices, especially exercising daily, can hugely benefit your mental health.

Remember, this article is by no means an all-inclusive list of the events that can trigger mental health issues. However, being aware of these examples can help you to identify other mental health triggers in your life and the lives of your family members. Knowing the triggers of your mental health issues can help you to combat them and find greater peace and wellness.

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