New Moon in Capricorn Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Aquarians & Capricorns! It’s that time of the month again! You have been making wishes every since you turned 1 Years old at your birthday party. You’re not new to this. Did you know that there is a certain time and strategy to make your very own powerful wishes? That’s what I am going to share with you.

New Moons mean new beginnings and new powerful energy. Each sign is responsible for certain areas of your life. As it relates to the New Moon in Capricorn, you can definitely count on feeling like Saturn is around because it is! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn! Did you know that Saturn represents responsibility, boundaries, and structures? Yep,  Saturn is interested in is providing a positive framework within which you can build that is designed to make you reassess your liabilities and assets for the long-term. Capricorn Energy rules the power of structure, delayed gratification, and setting long-term goals.

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Let’s get to the basics of how to make a wish first:

RULE #1: Your Wish is for You and Not Others. This is your heart’s desires.

RULE #2: Hand-write your wishes each month in your favorite journal and be sure to track the date and time to see when your wishes come true.

RULE #3: Make your wish list within seven (7) hours before or after the exact time of the New Moon. The strongest time is 6 hours, but let your intuition guide you.

Now, let’s take a look at some examples that Capricorn rules:

The Quest for Future Security

  1. Learning how to age gracefully.
  2. Making decisions in a common sense and mature manner.
  3. Increasing a secure financial framework for the golden years. This may involve you learning more about your life’s work. (We can help with that!).

The Quest Handling Responsibility

  1. Learning how to keep commitments in any area of your life.
  2. Reassess and Manage one’s public image.
  3. Focus on increasing self-discipline and competency in adult behavior.

The Quest for Goal Attainment

  1. Defining goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive.
  2. Using opportunities to grow and expand one’s heart towards goals that have been set.
  3. Setting ambitious goals in one’s chosen profession.
  4. Putting in extra hard work towards one’s goals in any area of life.


The Quest for Success/Recognition

  1. Anything dealing with success/recognition in your personal, career, or business.
  2. Attracting positive recognition in one’s profession.
  3. Attracting the right ideas and opportunities that will lead to a successful promotion or new business.
  4. Attracting the right kinds of actions that will lead to an elevated social status.

Dealing with Management Skills

  1. Learning how to manage one’s life in a way that provides a healthy work/home/personal balance.
  2. Attracting the right knowledge concerning successful management techniques.
  3. Learning how to be in charge in a way that it does not discount others.
  4. Learning how to delegate tasks and respect others’ talents to complete assigned tasks.
  5. Learning how to experience healthy self-respect and respect for others in all areas of life.

Dealing with Authority Figures

  1. Connecting your Intuition for Answers and trusting yourself more.
  2. Attracting and Manifesting the perfect authority figure that will challenge you at the soul level.
  3. Gaining a clear vision on how to best heal a male energy relationship, especially the father figure.
  4. Learning how to interact with authority figures in a healthy way that maintains self-worth and self-respect.

Releasing Controlling Tendencies

  1. Learning how to release the need to take personal credit.
  2. Learning how to release the habit of justifying yourself to others.
  3. Learning how to release the fear of new opportunities and approaches.

Restoring Health

  1. Attracting the right healers for me to work with to restore the body areas ruled by Capricorn (bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladders and gallstones, knees, skin, psoriasis, and itching).
  2. Attracting the right information that leads to a total healing regarding these body areas ruled by Capricorn.
  3. Increasing faith and taking action towards successfully restoring the body areas ruled by Capricorn.


After you write your wishes down, be sure to say them out ALOUD, and believe in FAITH that your heart’s desires will manifest. Ultimately, let your intuition guide you, but I will share two stems with you to get you started:

I wish to………..


I want to……….

After you write your wishes down, be sure to say them out ALOUD, and believe in FAITH that your heart’s desires will manifest.

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