Three Strategies on Handling Betrayal…the Healthy Way!

Betrayal is definitely no cup of coffee because you’d have these bitter emotions and stress to deal with that it can exhaust you and even ruin your day, week, or month! Handling betrayal is never easy, especially if you had emotional attachment to that person. But, it is important that you should never lose your cool and handle the situation healthily. Here are three strategies in order to make sure your days are no longer ruined but even made better as you live without the burden and filled with optimism.

Divert your attention

Betrayal will be hard to get over. Especially if it had been a close friend. Even simple acquaintances betraying you is not even easy, so the first thing you can do is to divert your attention. Escape your routine and do something special. That way, you don’t dwell on the issue much and you find inner peace within yourself. If you feel the betrayal is too much to bear, go out of town for a while and just relax.

Diverting your attention will keep your mind relaxed and will allow you to adjust to the situation you’re facing with little to no hassle. You wouldn’t want added burdens because stress can be very unhealthy, especially since it can actually lead to health complications later on. Chill out for a while to let things simmer down.

Accept it with a smile

One of the most difficult things is acceptance. Betrayal is no walk in the park, so you shouldn’t be accepting any smooth roads with that person after the whole fiasco has ended. What you can do, however, is accept it with a positive vibe. The world hasn’t ended so you shouldn’t sulk in a corner because of what happened. Life has its tricks and it is up to you to unveil its secrets or simply be blinded by the burdens. Be a better person and move on from the issue and just accept it for what it is—after all, you shouldn’t be wasting any time on someone who wasted yours.

It is a huge challenge to accept things because you’ll be facing a lot of stress because of how a person you’ve trusted doesn’t exist anymore. But by stirring up confidence within you and surging it some positive emotions, you can clearly overcome these barriers.

Talk it out with the person

This is probably the boldest things to do and it can lead to even more stress if not handled properly. On the other hand, if things work out, you will find out that you’ll live with a definitely lighter heart and with a resolution that things might work out somehow. Try to know why that person acted that way so you can frame in what has happened. It may be due to a misunderstanding or perhaps a deeper reason. It is worth looking into these things if you really want to get over the commotion.

Be warned that not all people will cooperate with you. Don’t force yourself if that person doesn’t budge.


Betrayal is difficult to deal with, but with the right tools you can overcome it in a healthy way. Be wary of the people you deal with and make sure you stay strong through it all.

What are your views on betrayal and dealing with it? Share your insights in the comment below!

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