Biblical Finances: What That Means

Managing your finances can be tough if you don’t know how to budget properly and if you’ve got a spending problem. With your income flowing in each period, you need to know how to set aside that extra cash and make sure you pay all your dues on time. If you’re wondering how you can manage your finances quite effectively, you should look back at the Bible because it provides you more tips in life that definitely worth your time. Through God’s counsel, you can ensure you’ve got your budget in check, away for money management that may result in painful debt.

Biblical finances involves understanding how, through God’s word, you can manifest proper budgeting principles that will help you in living your life properly. Put these principles to heart and you will find out that you can curb your spending habits with ease and benefit from your income more often.

Remember that God is the source of everything

The first principle you should embody is that everything comes from God. He is the eternal provider and thus you should not take everything for granted. Enjoy what you have and don’t ask for more—always embody this. When you do so, you will learn to manage your money quite effectively because you wouldn’t be expecting extra because you’re contented with what you have. Biblical finance expert Dave Ramsey shares that we should focus on upholding God before ourselves so that we can realize our life purpose through proper budgeting.

Always live on a margin to prevent unimportant spending

Like Jesus lived his life just to serve God’s purpose, we should emulate the same. We should focus on living on the money we have so that we won’t overspend. Although it is a given that we would budget the money we earn, it is important to get this mindset that we only spend for what we need. Our wants can wait. Ramsey further shares that living in the now is a difficult concept to grow out of, because it entails getting what you want immediately to satisfy yourself now. Set aside what you want and focus on what you need to get the most out of your money that way.

Never delve into debt

Although most people go into debt due to unforeseen circumstances, it is important to try your best not to. Debt is very difficult to live with because of so many concerns raging in your mind.  Be prepared for any expenses that may arise at a whim, because debt happens when emergency payments are needed. Be prepared and always seek God’s counsel to guide you. Ramsey further says that, “I don’t want to walk across hot coals because it is fun, but if I can be shown how a short, painful walk will do away with the lifetime of worry, frustration, stress, and fear that being constantly broke brings me, then bring on the hot coals.”


Whenever you feel that it’s difficult to budget your six-figure income, always look up and seek God’s help to give you the motivation you deserve. When you do so, you will enhance your budgeting management and live a peaceful life.


So what are your principles in managing your income each month? Don’t hesitate to share so we can all learn from each other!

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