How to Determine When You Have Developed an Addiction

There are many different things that you can be addicted to. Some people find that they become very dependent on alcohol. Others turn to drugs, smoking or even gambling. When you’re using these vices on a regular basis and they’re affecting your life, there are some signs you should watch out for in order to determine if you have developed an addiction.

Money Problems

An addiction can be an expensive issue to have. It costs a great deal of money to fulfill your cravings, but you may be losing out on wages at work. If you find yourself calling in sick more often because of your addiction, you might be facing some money problems. Many addicts will ask family and friends for money.

Relationship Problems

According to Nathan Cobb, when a person’s addiction gets out of control, they often lose a lot of really important people in their life. You may not appreciate people trying to give you their opinion or help you. You feel judged or threatened, and you may start cutting people out of your life. People may remove themselves from your life if they feel you aren’t listening.

Time Consuming

There’s nothing wrong with going out and having an occasional drink, but you need to watch out for your drinking if it’s consuming a lot of your time. According to Transformations Treatment, spending lots of time drinking may be a sign of addiction. When you’re not drinking or using drugs, you may be spending a lot of time thinking about your next fix. If you’re having trouble staying on a normal schedule, seeking treatment can help you with your addiction.


In order to cover up your addiction, you may find yourself lying to people more about what is going on in your life. Whether it be your significant other, a family member, a friend or your boss, lying will be your attempt at convincing people you’re ok. You may even be trying to convince yourself that you’re fine despite what’s going on.

There are a number of signs that you can look into if you’re thinking that you may have an addiction. Not everybody is immediately aware that they have a problem. It’s important to take a long look at your life, your usage of alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. If you determine that you have a problem, there are facilities and professionals that can provide you with help.

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