Self-Respect Vs. Self-Esteem: Why Both Are Important?


How often do you think of the opinion of others? It is a general tendency among people to wonder what others are thinking of them. However, it is important to note that it is your self esteem rather than other people’s opinion that truly matters the most.


If you do not have the right self esteem, you will not be able to feel good about yourself and this can hamper not only the way you feel and react, but also your confidence. Along with self esteem, the type of self respect that you have is equally important and crucial too.


What Is The Relation Between Self Esteem And Self Respect?


These are both related terms. Self esteem is how you rate yourself and the type of respect that you give to your own values. Self respect is very closely related as it is an indication of the type of opinion that you have of your own character.


It is extremely important to note that being blessed with right levels of self esteem and self honor does not by any means indicate that you are over confident and you boast your own trumpet. In order to accomplish the different goals in the walk of life, you need to be aware of your own capabilities and your skills. Those who are unaware of their own potential often end up leaving their talent unused.


Hence, it is important to realize the worth that we have and the talent that is hidden inside of us. When you have a high self esteem and you respect yourself, others are bound to take you seriously and they will not write you off.


Those who respect their own individuality are much more likely to respect others as well. If every single individual has respect for the other, a lot of problems can be solved. So, those who want to get rid of the problems that have crumpled our life, you should learn the art of self respect.


If you do not treat yourself in the right manner, it is hopeless and useless to expect that the world will treat you in the right light. Respect is something that you earn and when you indulge in the right deeds, you will be able to project the perfect impression.


Self esteem relates to the same concept too. If you indulge in things that do not do justice to your dignity and character, it will mar the type of reputation and respect that you have. Self esteem relates to believing in your own ideals and sticking to it. Those who fail to do so are the ones who end up suffering because they get disillusioned in the walks of life. So, check out the ideals that you believe in and move your life on the same terms.


When you are following both self esteem and self respect, you will not be distracted by what the world says about you. True contentment and happiness comes when you are happy with your state of existence.