Your Worth is Not Determined by Your Grades

It’s hard for many to understand their worth. That’s because so much of what we do is measured on paper. Our whole lives we’re told that we’re only as smart as the tests that we pass and the grades that we get. For many, being book smart isn’t everything. Getting good grades isn’t easy when you struggle with taking tests, focusing on work, and writing papers. Luckily, times are changing, and there are more important things in life than your GPA.

How Much Does a GPA Matter?

The time when a GPA seems to matter the most is when you transition from high school to college. Colleges receive a lot of applications from high school seniors all over the globe. Many of those applicants are similar. They’ve gotten good grades, joined extracurriculars, and volunteered. That’s when a college might look and choose the person whose GPA is slightly higher. Teachers can help you get good grades throughout high school because they want you to succeed. Beyond college, a GPA does not value your worth. In fact, too many times a high GPA comes with the tradeoff of mental and physical health. Take care of yourself first, and remember that your GPA doesn’t determine too much about your own self-worth.

Should You Get Good Grades in College?

In college, it’s important to pay attention to your classes and do your best. You shouldn’t stress about getting straight A’s, however. In fact, that’s actually very difficult to do especially when you’re taking multiple classes. Instead, do the best you can and focus on other areas. Internships, having a strong portfolio, and teacher recommendations are just as important as a GPA when it comes to life after college.

Do Jobs Look at Your GPA?

Sometimes, a job will ask you about your GPA. On applications, most will ask you to list it. After that, it’s seldom brought up. Future employers want to see so much more than how you did on paper. They want to see your accomplishments, your internships, and your projects. That’s because so many in society don’t do so well when it comes to written exams. Employers know this, and they take that into effect. They want to see someone who shined in all areas, not just someone who got a good GPA. But that isn’t too say that it doesn’t matter, especially if you’re a recent grad. Sometimes an employer will desire a high GPA, but these cases are very rare. For the most part, employers care about your ability to apply your knowledge in the field. Experience and training tends to serve people better in their careers than having a flawless GPA. You can even start with career and technical training in high school.

Conclusion: Will Getting a 4.0 Give you an Advantage?

Many people in high school strive for the perfect 4.0. Often times, it’s pressure put on from parents and teachers. When someone tries so hard for a perfect GPA, other areas of their life fall behind. They’re not able to volunteer, have a job, see friends, participate in extracurriculars, and more. Falling behind in those would be detrimental to their overall mental health and education. The average national high school GPA is roughly 3.38. That means that you don’t have to stress yourself out trying to be perfect, because that roughly equals a ‘B’. Don’t let grades get in the way of living in your life, they are only going to be part of your life for a comparatively short time.


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