How to Recover from a Rough Year

What do Australia catching on fire, the Beirut explosion, and the deaths of prominent figures such as Chadwick Boseman, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Kobe Bryant all have in common? They all happened in 2020. 2020 was a rough year all around. With 2021 just getting underway, it’s understandable that you might be wondering how you can recover from such a whirlwind of a year.

Create New Routines

New year, new me is a common sentiment echoed by many at the turn of a new year. It reflects the mindset of turning the page and entering a new chapter of life. Creating healthy new routines can help you find that new you and recover from the craziness of the year before. According to The LA Girl, that may mean committing to diet and exercise plans, reworking your schedule to support healthy sleep habits, or making regular time for some self care. Whatever you decide on, consider your personal needs and goals and create suitable routines that reflect them.

Get Mental Health Care

Of course, sometimes the scars run a bit deeper than what you can treat just by creating new routines for yourself. Sometimes recovery requires a little extra help. Getting mental health care can be a great way to put you on the right path towards recovering your mental fortitude, especially if you’ve met with unprecedented challenges. If your struggles are more than you are able to manage on your own, seeking help is an important step. According to New Paths Family Counseling, leaving general anxiety untreated can lead to panic attacks later. It’s far better to seek treatment early on before your condition becomes more severe.

Focus on the Positive

One of the things that therapists can help with is adjusting your mindset. Focusing on the positive can help you find greater joy in life and find the good that came from the bad throughout the previous year. According to Nick Wignall, reframing your thoughts is a fairly common technique for adjusting your mindset. It takes work and practice, but over time you are likely to find that a more positive perspective on life comes more naturally to you and that you feel better overall as a result.

Starting a new year doesn’t mean that all the problems from the previous year suddenly vanish, especially if it was particularly tumultuous like 2020 was. That said, creating new routines, getting mental health care, and turning your focus to the positive can help you recover. Hitting the restart button on a personal level is definitely possible.

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