Goal Setting 101: How To Set Goals


All of us are aware of the need to set goals; however most of us falter at actually setting them. When you are looking to set the best goals which you can achieve, you need to be aware of a few fundamentals of goal setting. Following are the top points that you need to follow.


Have A Vision And Believe In It


We all are gifted with a vision to see our own future. The only difference between those who are successful and the ones who are not is the belief you have in your own vision. You need to believe that you can set things right and you can make your vision a reality.


So, the art of setting the right goals is to visualize the things you want to achieve and the ways in which you can do so. Once you have a clear vision, set your goal accordingly.


Mix Short Term And Long Term


It is important to know that either short term or long term goal is not sufficient. You need to have a blend of both in order to win the race of life. So, when you are setting goals, you should first make a few short term goals that you intend to achieve in a short frame of time. At the same time, the serial setting of your short term goals should paint a long term picture as well. If you do not have a big long term goal, it is not going to give you the true push to accomplish the bigger challenges of life.


Remove The Word “Procrastinate”


Those who are always looking for excuses to procrastinate things never manage to achieve their goals. Even when you are setting goals, you need to set fixed timelines for the same. You have to achieve your goal by the stipulated deadline and there should be no space for any excuses whatsoever. When you have this rigid mentality, you will automatically work hard to achieve your goal. The best goal setting techniques are the ones that ensure that you can reach the success ladder.


Goals Are Dynamic


Remember that the goals that you are setting are dynamic. Many a times we set our fixed goals but due to unforeseen circumstances, your target goals may change. If you have accomplished more than what you thought was feasible, you can make adjustments and look for bigger goals. So, if there is a scope for improvement, modify your goals and set bigger targets. Do not limit your power to the goals; rather you should use the goals as an inspiration to do even better. However, do not take it the other way round. If you are slowing down and missing your timelines, you need to take the right initiative to jump and close in the gap.


These are some of the factors that can help you in setting the right goals that have the power to make a difference. When you have managed to follow these points, you are likely to attain success.