Are You Self-Smart? How To Get To Know Thyself


It is important to be smart and aware of who you truly are. Too often we find ourselves encaged in disillusion as we fail to make a true assessment of who we truly are. You must try your best to explore your own self because it is only when you do so that you will be able to be in tandem with who you truly are.


Why Should You Know Yourself?


One of the biggest achievements of life is not the amount of money that you have made but a thorough realization of who we are. Most of us tend to have merely an illusion and a wrong perception of our own reality. Until and unless, you dive deep into your own conscience, you will not be able to project an opinion of your own self.


Those who remain unaware of their own character and their true being are the ones who are likely to remain ignorant of their own capabilities. Exploring yourself is essentially the main purpose of our life. If you are not even aware of the true meaning of your own existence, you are not going to excel in the different walks of life.


How To Measure Your Smartness?


Smartness does not merely lie in the way you look and the type of style you exude. Smartness is more than your externally observable traits. Smartness is related with your general intelligence level and the type of understanding that you have of the various events that relate to your own character.


Hence, if you want to measure your smartness because you want to improve on it, you should ask yourself questions like the things you have done and the choices you have taken. Once you have answered these, you should then ask yourself questions like why you made the choice and what part of your personality shaped the choices you took.


When you can answer all these questions honestly and meticulously, you will be in a position to comment how smart you really are. Being self-smart is neither tough nor a cakewalk. It needs dedication, patience and commitment. Not everyone can be the best judge of their own character.


If you want to be self-smart, you need to know how to be the best judge of your own character. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pass an opinion on others; however, when it comes to passing an opinion on your own character, a lot of people start to feel the heat.


So, you should make it one of your objectives of life to learn to be self-smart and you should have an honest opinion of your own self. Once you are aware of your own traits, your ideologies and the ideals; you then have to work upon improving your character so that you can do justice to the things you are doing. Life is a series of constant improvements, and we should essentially be in an endless pursuit of improving who we truly are and who we aspire to become.