Who decided for You? Take your Damn Power back!


Everyone likes to tell you things like how to handle a situation or how to make the right financial decision. Sometimes, they even discourage you from doing what you want because of some weird reason you don’t understand or perhaps because it might hurt their ego. With all the frustration you’re probably building up, it’s time to take your power back!

Learn to Say No

People try to control you by suggesting or even demanding stuff from you. How do they succeed? If you don’t say no. Sometimes saying no is actually the right choice to make whenever you feel that you aren’t up to the task. The basic philosophy of saying no is simply prioritizing things. It is taking tasks that you can handle and simply leaving out those you can’t. That way, you have control over your life and whatever decisions you make. Remember, it isn’t bad to say no, it’s actually good.

Demand when Needed

Sometimes, it has to work the other way around. If you need something, play your cards right and demand if you have to. It isn’t being bossy or anything. It’s just showing that you are in control of the situation. Be clear in whatever you demand and make sure you are courteous in doing so. You never know how effective a little more talking can do to other people.

Be Assertive

Being assertive is that you speak with conviction and you make decisions without batting an eyelash. Showing people that you deserve to be heard is the first step in taking your power back and aiding people in realizing that every action matters. Take the helm in your decision making and don’t stutter when you interact with people.

Make Eye Contact

One important way to captivate people and establish a strong connection is to ensure that you make eye contact. Establishing eye contact is like inculcating trust to that person and showing him or her that you know what you’re doing. Eye contact, in Psychology, is one of the most defining human behaviors that instills control and confidence, so make sure you make use of this simple yet effective action.

Beam with Confidence

The last but not least way to take your power back is to beam with confidence. Boost your self-esteem and make sure that you get what you want without showing signs of doubt in your words. Confidence gives people that aura that you mean business and you do not wish to be overtaken by whatever they want to feed you. Keep in mind that you’re the master of your fate, as Sir Henley would say.

People feel that urge to control you, so make sure you take the initiative and take your power back. Only you can decide for yourself, never forget that. After all, you have the conscience and the mental capacity to do so, so make sure no one steps on your dignity because you deserve every drop of your choice. Remember, learn to say no and keep your self-esteem high and you will go places where no one can stop you.



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