Why Married Men Are Off-Limits…Spiritually


Have you ever found yourself attracted to married men? Spiritually, it is an extremely wrong thing to do because marriage vows are meant to be taken seriously. When a person is entering the bond of marriage, he/she is making a commitment to remain faithful in the name of God. Hence, dating someone who is married makes you a part of the sin too.


Love Happens—But You Need To Draw A Line


A lot of people often argue that love has no reasoning and it defies all logic. However, those who speak so highly of love also need to know that it is one of the purest emotions that should not be soiled by listing it as a sin.


When you are dating married men, you will be soiling the pure aura of love. It is disrespect for the vows that were taken in presence of God. So, if you feel that your heart is beating for the wrong person, you need to steady your heart. Most of the times you tend to mistake lust for love.


Breaking Vow Is A Sin


Whenever you vouch in the name of God, you need to stay true to your words. Marriage is one of the commitments of highest order. When you fall in love with a married man and you are pursuing the relationship, you will be a part of the reason why he will break his vows. Infidelity is a sin and no doubt, you are equally to blame.


Remember, we are all being watched by the Lord and so forcing a man emotionally or mentally to break the vows he took in the name of God is an extremely wrong thing to do.


Think of the situation by putting yourself in the shoes of the wife of the married man. How would you feel when you come to know that your man cheated on you? The seeds of mistrust and suspicion once sowed will break the heart forever. No amount of begging or regret can make the heart same again. So, if you do not want to be cursed by a lady who had her heart bruised, remember not to date married men.


Family Matters A Great Deal


What if the married man has kids? Can you imagine the kind of soul crushing pain a child goes through when parents separate? To find their ideal dad to be accused of infidelity is going to break an innocent child’s heart into a million pieces. Children are gift of God and to bring them such pain is going to make you a sinner. So, if married men have a family to look after to, they are definitely off limits.


The Answer Lies In Your Own Conscience


No matter, what I or the world says, the true answer lies in your own conscience. Ask your soul, if dating married men is a justified thing to do. The prick of inner conscience is going to show you the right path and it will help you make the best choice.


So, before falling in love, make sure that the man you date is single.