Three Ways to Know If That Career is For You

Careers are life decisions that you can never make on a whim. You can’t just decide on changing your career path altogether, that’s why you’ve got to make the right choice the moment you’ve assessed the opportunities and the skills you have. But there will come a time when you want to validate whether a career is for you or not. And the shift from career-to-career can be quite tough, so you better think twice before actually deciding on such a change. Whether you enjoy your 9-to-5 routine is entirely up to you, but here are three ways to know if that career is really for you.

Fulfillment Rating

Are you actually happy with your career path? You know the whole thing about work being work and play being play doesn’t quite cut it in today’s world of meshing in job satisfaction with work performance. Assess how you feel about the job you’re at and if you are satisfied with your performance.

Whenever you think of a career and whether it is for you, always consider your fulfillment rating so that you can gage whether you can keep that career long term. Always think things for a long period of time so that you can determine whether your career path actually works for you.

Promotion Frequency

Another way or determining if the career is for you is to take note of how frequent you receive promotions or pay raises. A good career path will have you reaching for the top position in no time. Of course, you have to exert a lot of effort, but when you do and you aren’t getting the promotion you opt for, then it is probably time you’ve looked into another career path that works for you.

Promotion is an indication that you’re progressing in the career of your choice, and this is your ticket to success. If your career doesn’t work for you that way, then it means that you either do not have the skills qualified, the opportunity hasn’t arrived yet, or the career is just not for you. Be open to other options that will work out for the best in order to really progress in your career.


The last way of knowing whether a career really is for you is to understand the compatibility you and your career have. This is seen through how effective you utilize your skills at a given job. For instance, if you have taken a degree in computer science only to find out that you prefer balancing accounts, then something is wrong with the compatibility of your career. Make the necessary changes earlier on and supplement your love of accounting with the various options you can get out there to enhance your skills.

Careers are important for any individual to feel fulfilled, so make sure you are on the right career path that will work out for you. Check out whether you are fulfilled, you get paid well, and if your career is compatible with you so find out how you can optimize the potential your career has to offer.

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