5 Ways To Determine If Your Job Is Eating Into Your Happiness


It is important to build a career as it gives you a steady income for your living. However, if the job is sucking out your happiness, it is not going to serve the right purpose. The irony remains the fact that many a times you fail to realize that your job is killing your happiness. If you want to run a check on the same, follow these points here.


Do You Always Look At The Watch?


When you are at your work place, you are likely to be engrossed in the work. However, if you tend to have your eyes on the watch at frequent intervals, it suggests that you do not like your job. When you love your job, you will not be in a hurry to wrap up the proceedings everyday. So, if you tend to have your eye on the clock most of the times, it indicates that your job fails to give you happiness.


Do You Stay Frustrated All The Time?


The type of happiness which you get from having your job is directly related to your mood. If you stay frustrated and irritated most of the times and you have a short temper, then it is highly likely that you are in the wrong career stream and you do not love your job. If your job gives you happiness, you will be energetic rather than frustrated. So, try to gauge your general moods. Once in a while, everyone can be frustrated. However, if you stay irritated most of the times, it is likely that your work is not something you wish to do.


Do You Enjoy A Healthy Work Relationship?


One of the key points to ensuring the happiness quotient at your work place is to check the type of relationship you have with your coworkers. If you have a sound and healthy relationship, you are likely to have job satisfaction. However, all those who are not satisfied with the job are likely to have an estranged relationship with their coworkers. So, read into the relation type.


Are You Hunting For Alternate Jobs?


Are you dissatisfied with the journey of your career? Do you get excited at other job prospects? If it is so, it signifies that you are not contented with your career and you are looking for better work with may be a higher salary and more suitable ambience as well. If you are happy with your job, you are not likely to look for alternatives because everyone detests change. Having a job brings stability and happiness to your life and if you are willing to change it, it indicates that you are not contented with what you have at the moment.


Do You Compare Your Life With Others?


If you often find yourself comparing your job profile, salary, life with your friends and peers, it signifies lack of happiness. So, you should try to be satisfied with what you have because comparisons take you nowhere and will only kill your happiness even more.


Measure these five symptoms and get the answer for whether or not you are happy with your job.