Stop Chasing: Why Materialistic Pleasures Really Does Not Matter

A lot of us are stuck in an impasse in our lives because we are always chasing the wrong things. You are well aware of the fact that materialistic pursuits will take you nowhere and yet we are running hard to serve our materialistic whims.

Life is not a rat race and we are not sheep in a herd. We all have our own individuality and our life goals which we must achieve. The materialistic pleasures are like a covering which shields our own eyes and hides the true potential and purpose which our life has.

You need to stop being another one in the race and you should cherish the true pleasures of life that can never be bought with money. The materialistic pleasures are always short lived because they will not last long.

Time Always Floats

Remember, the materialistic pleasures which you are chasing in life today will not stay with you tomorrow. The pleasure and rush of excitement which you will feel is momentary and short lived. It is not going to last for eternity. However, if you chase he true spiritual desires and seek inner peace, you will find it impact in all the aspects of your life and the impact is going to be long lasting.

So, times change and so does the tenure of your materialistic desires. On the other hand, spiritual contentment is going to last for long and it is sure to help you in ways more than you can imagine.

The Race Leads To Nowhere

You may be caught in the wrong race in life. There are millions like you who are pursuing the same goals and are running in the race. However, the race leads nowhere. You will be caught in a bend which will only leave you disappointed and disillusioned. So, instead of wasting your time and in chase of such worthless pursuits, you should opt for spiritual desires. When you attain spirituality, you will be able to feel a new sense of calmness in your life and this feeling will make you alive in the true sense.

So, if you want a meaningful purpose in your life, you need to realize the materialistic pleasures are short lived and it is best to ignore them entirely. When you do so, you will master the art of life and you can reach the zenith of excellence.

When chasing such foolish desires, you are only going to waste your energy. Instead of wasting your time and your energy, you can channelize it in the right direction and this will reap god dividends for you.

Hence, you should first try to curtail your desires. You do not have to be a saint as it is okay to sometimes long for a few luxuries. Longing for a few luxuries is not synonymous to hunting for materialistic pleasures. The main point is that you should not make the luxuries as your obsession and should not hunt it down. You can enjoy life, but make spiritualism your goal rather than being in a race to nowhere.

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