New Moon in Aquarius Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Aquarians! It’s that time of the month again! You have been making wishes every since you turned 1 Years old at your birthday party. You’re not new to this. Did you know that there is a certain time and strategy to make your very own powerful wishes? That’s what I am going to share with you.

New Moons mean new beginnings and new powerful energy. Each sign is responsible for certain areas of your life. As it relates to the New Moon in Aquarius,  you can definitely count on feeling like Saturn is around because it is! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn! Did you know that Saturn represents responsibility, boundaries, and structures? Yep,  Saturn is interested in is providing a positive framework within which you can build that is designed to make you reassess your liabilities and assets for the long-term. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision. Uranus also is associated with mental studies, electricity, and astrology. So, you may be feeling like breaking free of tradition.

Aquarius Energy rules inventions, the future, humanitarianism, revelations, the big picture, tools of divination, manifesting dreams, friendship, excessive detachment, and restoring health involving the ankles and calves, circulation, cramps and spasms, and varicose veins.

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Let’s get to the basics of how to make a wish first:

RULE #1: Your Wish is for You and Not Others. This is your heart’s desires.

RULE #2: Hand-write your wishes each month in your favorite journal and be sure to track the date and time to see when your wishes come true.

RULE #3: Make your wish list within seven (7) hours before or after the exact time of the New Moon. The strongest time is 6 hours, but let your intuition guide you.

Now, let’s take a look at some examples that Aquarius rules:

The Quest for Inventions and All Things Creative


  • Stimulate Inventive Energy for Innovative Ideas.
  • Focusing on drawing out your brilliance.
  • Giving yourself the space to produce eccentricity.
  • Understanding how things work, even in systems.


The Quest for The Future


  • Desire to become more aware of the beginning of new trends, and cooperate with them to revolutionize my life.
  • Focusing on making long-range goals.
  • Desire to follow your heart’s desire.



The Quest for Humanitarianism


  • Supporting outcomes that are good for others, as well as myself.
  • Focusing on more identification with humankind.
  • Desiring to have interest in others.
  • Operating from a larger worldview.


The Quest for Revelations


  • Greeting Unexpected Events as Positive Opportunities for Growth.
  • Desiring a new revelation to show me the right path in a certain area.
  • Desiring to open up to attracting exciting, and revitalizing experiences.


Dealing with the Big Picture


  • Seeing myself in a way that sparks my sense of humor.
  • Gaining knowledge that will empower me to manifest my dreams of whatever specific area.
  • Easily attracting and enrolling in the right class that will open me up to the knowledge I seek.
  • Easily realigning myself and thinking in cooperation with my destiny.


Dealing with Friendship


  • Easily making myself make choices that are in my highest interets in promoting healthy friendships.
  • Easily finding myself being honest about where I stand in my friendships, even if the other person feels differently.
  • Easily finding myself graciously accepting help, love, and support from others.
  • Easily finding myself networking with my peers, successfully cooperating for the fulfillment of commonly held goals.


Releasing Controlling Excessive Detachment


  • Releasing self-sabotaging tendencies to withdrawal easily lifted from me.
  • Releasing the habit of isolating aloofness totally lifted from me.
  • Releasing all stubborn attachment to my own perceptions totally lifted from me.


Restoring Health

  1. Attracting the right healers for me to work with to restore the body areas ruled by Aquarius (ankles and calves, circulation, cramps and spasms, and varicose veins).
  2. Attracting the right information that leads to a total healing regarding these body areas ruled by Aquarius.
  3. Increasing faith and taking action towards successfully restoring the body areas ruled by Aquarius.


After you write your wishes down, be sure to say them out ALOUD, and believe in FAITH that your heart’s desires will manifest. Ultimately, let your intuition guide you, but I will share two stems with you to get you started:

I wish to………..


I want to……….

After you write your wishes down, be sure to say them out ALOUD, and believe in FAITH that your heart’s desires will manifest.

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