How to Make Sure You’re Eating Enough

Maybe you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of the corporate rat race and rarely have any spare time. Maybe you’re trying to exercise and bulk up. Or maybe you’re recovering from an eating disorder. Whatever the case, your precious body needs fuel – so here are a few small ways to make sure you’re eating enough.

Get Easier Access to Healthy Foods

The key to eating frequently is to eat lean, healthy foods that give you the nutrition that you need. This might take a change of lifestyle that can be difficult – after all, our modern society’s food habits are built around convenience. That means that the cheapest, fastest foods will probably be loaded with preservatives, unhealthy fats, and be overly processed. You instead are going to want to develop good grocery habits that let you have access to natural produce with healthy fats and nutrients. Start with something easy, like apples, bananas, or oranges, and go from there. There are tons of resources on YouTube and the internet for how to cook delicious and healthy meals.

Eat In Between Meals

This is a small but profound way to make a dent in your required daily caloric intake. Healthy snacking in low amounts but at a constant rate is a really helpful source of good nutrients – if you choose the right snacks, of course. Nuts make a healthy snack because they are high in protein and fiber. You can also eat granola bars or other prepackaged snack foods, like fruit leather. Protein is found in a lot of individually packaged snacks because athletes and hikers like to use them as a convenient way to get lots of energy. If you’re looking for calories too, try Ensure. They provide nutrition shakes to help people gain healthy weight.

Measure Your Energy Levels

You’ll know if you’re eating enough based on how you feel when exercising. If you feel energized before a workout, and tired but fulfilled afterward, you’re probably getting the right stuff in you. On the other hand, if you’re fatigued, if you feel weak, or you feel hungry, you may need to reconsider your diet. Balancing good calories and nutrition is essential. Vitamins in the form of gummies or pills can be used to supplement your diet as well if necessary.

Many aspects of modern culture will toxically tell you that eating a lot is bad. This is a lie. What is bad is developing an unhealthy relationship with food – and that can manifest in different ways. Neglecting to eat is just as bad as becoming addicted to fast food. In some ways, it’s even worse. Eat often and responsibly, and you’ll feel better than ever before.

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