How to Evaluate the Quality of an Essential Oil Product

There are many types of essential oil products, and if you believe in holistic wellness, then you must understand how to evaluate the oils so that you are buying the best type. Anyone wanting to switch from man-made products to essential oil products must also know how to look for the highest quality oils in stores. Here is what you must look for when buying essential oils at online or nearby retailers.

Quality 1: Does It Contain Natural Ingredients?

Today, there are manufacturers producing essential oils that are actually made from chemicals. This is why you must read the labels on the products carefully. A bottle of essential oil is often tiny, so you should bring along a magnifying glass to determine if the product has a list of artificial dyes, artificial scents, or man-made chemicals. If you are looking for a real essential oil product, then its primary ingredient is only essential oil rather than preservatives and other chemicals.

Quality 2: Does the Company Specialize in Producing Essential Oils?

Essential oils are popular, so there are several air freshener companies that are producing products that are advertised as essential oils. However, if you read the label on the product, then it may only contain 10 percent essential oils with the remainder of the ingredients being man-made chemicals. These are the same chemicals that are in the other air fresheners, but the product will cost more.

Quality 3: Is the Essential Oil Product Diluted With Water or Oils?

You must determine the purity of the essential oil so that you are buying the best product. Real essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that are extremely potent. One distributor of doTERRA oils put it this way, “The more pure the essential oil, the more powerful the results. Many essential oils available to purchase are not pure. Often, they contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity, thus diminishing the healthful qualities of the oil.” You can use only one or two drops of this type of essential oil in a diffuser, and it will create a pleasant scent in your home for an entire day. The purity of an essential oil also means that the herbs, flowers, or trees were grown without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers that contain dangerous chemicals.

Quality 4: Is it Appropriate for Use in Foods, Beverages and Skin Care Products?

When you want to use an essential oil in baked goods or hot tea, it should have a food-grade label. If the essential oil doesn’t have this type of label, then you shouldn’t use it for cooking or mixing any beverages. In addition, if you plan to make your own soap, lotion, or bath oil, then you should understand if the essential oil is safe to use on your skin. The best essential oils are potent, and you must use some type of carrier oil with the liquid to protect your skin.

Research Essential Oil Companies

There are several well-known essential oil companies that maintain informative websites about the products. At these websites, you can learn where the company sources its plants to make essential oils along with how the products are distilled and stored.

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