Freedom is the Gateway to Our Soul

When you think of freedom, what does it mean to you? What is your definition of freedom?

Often times, we take the simple acts of watering our flowers, walking our dog, or even flipping the TV channel for granted. Today in America, we are celebrating Independence Day. We want to thank our military for keeping us safe and free.

As you may not know, there are several types of freedom in this world such physical freedom, mental freedom, spiritual freedom, financial freedom, and the list goes on. In this post, we are going to discuss freedom as it relates to personal development.

Freedom is the gateway to our soul. Freedom is a choice.

As a reflect back on my heritage, specifically with Harriet Tubman, through her actions, I realized that she exercised her mental and spiritual freedom that later helped others achieve their own physical freedom. You see, Harriet made the conscious decision to design her new life. She is considered a visionary as she did have spiritual visions that helped guided her. It’s no doubt in my mind that she knew how to connect with her intuition, also known as inner voice, to carry out her life purpose.

We have people around the World who is looking for that freedom and it first starts with listening to your own intuition. That way, you can get connected to the ideas, dreams, visions, and spiritual insights that are designed exclusively for you to help you carry out your life purpose.

Intuition is freedom.

Remember, you are loved, valued, and competent.

Love and Light,

Dr. Alise