Setting Goals To Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose

All of us have our God-given purposes in life, and these may range from career goals to simple fulfillments. No matter how large or small our purposes may be, we should focus on setting goals in order to give us direction. You can’t just simply say that you want to be a great author or perhaps a professional without a specific goal.

Your God-given purpose will be reached easier if you have a goal at hand. The Hierarchical Structure Everyone has one specific goal at hand, but in order to obtain that fulfillment, you should set smaller objectives in a form of hierarchy as checkpoints to your goal. This form of planning becomes very organized, allowing you to enhance your abilities as you obtain your God-given purpose.

Intensive Focus–This is the fundamental thought process of individuals as it is plain and simple: focus on the goal. Using the skills and resources, your full intent is on the goal that you wish to obtain. This approach is more direct because of its simple nature. It may be more tedious to follow because you won’t be able to assess your progress along the way.

Whatever the means of setting goals you have in mind for your God-given purpose, always focus on the overbearing goal at hand. Being a professional or being good at something can be obtained through goal perception. Just believe in your capabilities and you will obtain your God-given purpose.

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