Non-Profit Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center Offers Donation-Based Intuitive Life Coaching Program

Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center, a 501c3 not for profit, offers donation-based life coaching programs to the community.

At the core of the Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center is deep love for humanity and the desire to make life coaching affordable for all income levels. There is a suggested donation per month for the program in which you choose. The donations are used to pay the rent for the office space, community outreach and events.

Donation-based life coaching programs are available for 3, 6, or 12 months and we do have client testimonials that can attest to the profound life changes in which they have experienced throughout their life coaching program. Other services, such as Reiki healing, flower essences, intuitive readings, and other holistic services are also offered on an appointment basis.

To read more, visit our press release.