How Essential Oils Can Help You Recover From an Addiction

Homeopathic medicines have been used as effective treatments for thousands of years around the globe. The oils have been used to assist in helping with all kinds of diseases and conditions including addiction. Over the years of exposing the body to chemicals that are poison to the mind and body, essential oils can assist in the detox process.

Treating Sickness Symptoms

When detoxing, you will experience some discomfort as your body is healing. Essential oils come as concentrated forms of natural ingredients. Nausea responds to fennel and ginger. Lavender is calming as it helps you to relax. Juniper is a natural detox that assists your body to purge the poisons that have built up in the body. Often these oils can be taken internally in tea form.


The beauty of aromatherapy is that it affects the senses without having to be taken internally. Use a diffuser with drops of lavender, drops of frankincense, drop of chamomile as a way to relax. With drops of geranium, drops of bergamot, combined with drops of lavender, they will help you to balance your overall wellbeing. To feel refreshed, drops of lemongrass with drops of lavender are a good choice. Consider ways to increase your comfort level since detox causes uncomfortable symptoms. Aromatherapy is a way to get the benefit of the oils without ingesting them.

Essential Oil Massage

Another way to benefit from essential oils is to have a massage. The oils are absorbed through the skin to add healing throughout the body. To help your body get started in the morning try a blend of grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil, juniper, grapefruit, lemon or black pepper. To relax in the evening, try grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, lavender, geranium, and juniper. Massaging them into your midsection or the soles of your feet are both effective. Also, try using them in your bath water to ease the distress. Using essential oils in your massage like frankincense can help to increase mental awareness and peace as you recover from your addiction.

Recovering from addiction is a task that requires an inner conviction to your health and wellbeing. Using essential oils as a part of your recovery is a powerful move in the right direction. Start slowly to find the right oil combinations that work well for you. If you have an uncomfortable response to a certain essential oil, lower the amount or discontinue use. Each person is different, so use patience to discover what works best for you.

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