5 Tips on How to Handle Gossip in the Workplace


People love talking about people. And when it’s about you, you probably are boiling right there while they go on and talk about your latest goof-up or perhaps a secret that has reached everyone because of eavesdropping and insensitive people. Gossip can destroy a person’s reputation and can even drive you crazy because you have to handle these people. But, no fear, here are five tips on how to handle gossip in the workplace and set things right as they are supposed to.


Ignore the Gossip


The first thing you can do is just ignore it. Gossip only works if you respond to it with violent reactions. You’re actually pleasing them and adding to their fun by showing signs of interest in their gossip. Just pretend nothing’s up and you’re not bothered by their gossip and things will eventually stop.


Take a Breather


Sometimes the gossiping can get so suffocating you need fresh air. Leave the workplace for a bit to gather your thoughts. Even if the gossip isn’t about you, any kind of gossip can be quite a headache to deal with, especially if you wouldn’t want anyone talking about you. Escape from the chit-chat and grab a cup of coffee to soothe your senses.


Pretend You’re Interested


Another cool approach to handling gossip is to join in. If they were talking about you, mislead them by joining in so they stop. This will save you a whole lot of embarrassment if the gossip they share is sensitive. Be tactful so that you can play them around and work things in your favor.


Try to Bring in the Conscience Card


If you’re fed up with the gossip, bring out the conscience card. Try to make them feel guilty by talking about something they shouldn’t be concerned with. This can be hard to pull if you don’t know their weak points. But bringing in the conscience card is your key to making sure people stop spreading those rumors and chit chatting their way in the workplace.


Confront Them


If you’re fed up with hearing people talk about stuff that isn’t true, clarify things and confront them about the issue. This will ensure that everything is clear as crystal for everyone. Confrontation is particularly difficult because you’d make them think you are hurt by the gossip. But if you ensure that you are confronting them because you wouldn’t want them to spread lies, by all means do so.


Gossip can be quite a headache to deal with, but if you prepare to handle it, you won’t face much trouble. Handling gossip is sensitive because you’re dealing with information that shouldn’t be out in the public. Gossip travels faster than it takes to brew coffee, so always remember that solving things early always matters. Pick your fights properly and use your cards wisely—you wouldn’t want the gossip to turn into a scandal.


How do you handle gossip in your workplace? Share it in the comment!