3 Delicious, Nutritious Summertime Treats

Stay cool this summer with a yummy chilled treat! When you have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing like a tasty and natural snack no matter how old you are or what the temperature is outside. It’s important to stay healthy and happy this summer, and a delicious treat may just be the thing to cool you off. Instead of opting for an unhealthy store-bought snack with too much sugar, try one of these nutritious recipes for you and your family. 

Fruit Sweetened Lemonade

Aah, lemonade! The sweet drink of the summer is a crowd favorite but tends to be a bit too tangy when loaded with artificial sugars. This white grape juice lemonade for a healthy twist. You can use the standard 2:1 ratio of juice to water or adjust to your taste for sweetness. Squeeze enough lemons to taste and consider a lemon twist as a garnish. As an alternative, you can use apple or pineapple juice for more unique flavors. Children will love this easy recipe for their lemonade stand to market one-of-a-kind healthy drinks. 

Cherry Beet Ombre Popsicle

Colors and flavors come together with these tasty popsicles. This delightful treat comes from a list of gourmet popsicle recipes we found looking for the perfect summer treat. Cherries have natural anti-inflammatory properties while beets are full of vitamin C. Combine the fruit with beet juice and add a pinch of pepper for a savory taste that veggie lovers will adore. Freeze in a popsicle mold for about 3-5 hours and serve on a hot day to guests with refined palates. 

Frozen Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Bites

These sweet treats take minutes to prepare when you’re craving a sweet and easy snack. Children will love making strawberry vanilla yogurt bites with adult supervision. Simply fill an ice cube tray with vanilla yogurt and add diced strawberries. Freeze for about 2-3 hours before eating. These nutritious bites are healthy with light dairy and fruit and can even be jazzed up with bits of banana and pineapple before freezing. 

Your sweet tooth doesn’t have to be a guilty one! By looking for recipes with nutritious and delicious ingredients, you can snack healthily without skipping out on taste. The summer is full of fun and new adventures; why shouldn’t snacking be part of it? Cool off and treat yourself with a yummy and tasty bite to eat.

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